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1.02 RED Dragon 6K - Lightweight package

Our RED Dragon "B" camera kit, is built around 15mm support bars, and is designed to be lightweight and easy to use by a smaller camera team, either as a second camera, or when "run-and-gun" shooting is required. It is available with either PL or Canon EF mount, and its small size makes it perfect for shooting in awkward places. Monitoring is with a RED 5" touchscreen monitor, and the versatile Alphatron 3.5" monitor/viewfinder. The package doesn't include lenses but there are various options available, including our Cooke S4i Minis, Zeiss Standard Primes or a selection of Canon EF mount lenses. The Canon lenses can be focused wirelessly with the FoolControl WiFi package. 

The Dragon will shoot at up to 80fps in 6K, 100fps in 5K and 300fps in full HD.

Package Contents

    Camera Body
1 Red  Epic Dragon Body
1 Red PL Mount or Canon EF mount
1 Red SSD Module
1 Red 5" Monitor touch screen
1 Alphatron 3.5" Monitor/Viewfinder SDI
1 Red Outrigger Handle
1 Red Module Cover
1 Red RedMag 128GB
2 Red RedMag 64GB
1 Red Download station
2 Red Monitor Cables (1 short, 1 regular)
    Battery Box
4 V-Lock 130WH Batteries (each last 2.5hrs)
2 V-Lock Twin Chargers (simultaneous)
1 Cartoni C20s - 100mm bowl
1 Sachtler 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Legs
    Matte box/Follow Focus
1 Chrosziel MB450 Matte Box 2 stage + 15mm bars
1 Fotga Lightweight Follow Focus - Single handle
01 RED Dragon B Camera.jpg
02 RED Dragon B Camera.jpg
03 RED Dragon B Camera.jpg
04 Cartoni C20s fluid head.jpg
04 Media.jpg