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1.07 Red Dragon - InfraRed Filter Kit


This kit includes a "Full Spectrum" OLPF filter for the RED Dragon, (which can be swapped out in less than 5 minutes), plus a set of filters to be used in front of the lens (usually in the mattebox), to filter out the visible light. We have a selection of Kodak Wratten as well as some indie brands and can cover from 580nm to 1000nm, depending on the look desired. Most ND filters, do not block InfraRed light, but we have included 0.9 & 1.2 Lee Filters, 4x4 ND's, which block light equally across the full spectrum.

We have tested both the Zeiss Standard Primes and the Cooke S4i Mini Primes, both of which work extremely well, producing very clean images. The Red Zooms create too many artefacts to be of use in this field of cinematography.

Kit Includes

1 Kipper Tie Dragon Full Spectrum OLPF
1 Kodak Wratten 89B (800nm) 4 x 4" filter (For Cooke Lenses)
1 Kodak Wratten 87C (1,000nm) 4 x 4" filter (For Cooke Lenses)
1 Zomei 72mm IR set: 680, 720, 760, 850, & 950nm  (For Zeiss Lenses)
1 Lee 4 x 4" ND 0.9 & 1.2